Fantastic brace of commons from up north for Lawrence East!

Lawrence East has been having a fantastic run of big carp recently, but even by his high standards his latest session was a bit special!

Within the space of just seven hours at a northern water he landed a brace of commons weighing in at 38lb 2oz and 35lb 2oz, and during the same time his dad also managed to land one of 38lb 8oz from another part of the lake!

He puts a lot of his success down to carefully monitoring weather conditions, but had never taken much notice of moon phases, as he explained: “I’ve always been a big believer that weather plays a huge part in carp fishing, but had never taken much notice of moon phases – until my latest session that is!

“I use an app called ‘Weather Pro’ and before the start of any session I constantly check it to not only see what the wind speed and direction, temperature and air pressure is going to be when I arrive, but for the duration of my stay.

“I never turn up with a set idea of where I want to fish as I believe in taking my time and doing a couple of laps of the lake to find signs of fish. But this particular club lake gets very busy and the fish are very weather orientated and through my experience I can judge where they will be. With a new wind due I knew which area of the lake the fish would congregate in.

“When I arrived in the afternoon it was 29 degrees and the lake was flat calm, but I knew where the wind was due to push over the next few days and set up in the Gate Corner, which is the south east corner of the lake. I was taking a gamble and pretty much knew that not a lot would happen for the first 24 hours but was hoping the last 12 hours of my session and a change of weather would work in my favour.

“I set up three rods with multi rigs tied using size 6 Kurv hooks to 20lb N-Trap Semi-Stiff, and these were baited with RG Baits 365 pop-ups, fished an inch off of the bottom. All three rods were cast to a clear area 60 yards out where I baited with corn chickpeas, pellets and chopped boilies.

“As expected I blanked for the first 24 hours but then the gamble with the weather paid off big style when I landed a cracking 35lb 2oz common which really beat me up! Then around midday I had a call from my dad saying he’d just had the Lazy Eye Common at 38lb 8oz, along with a couple of mid 20s.

“The session had already exceeded our expectations with two commons over 35lb in a day from a water in this area.

“Throughout the day more fish started to show in front of me but I couldn’t get another take, so I decided to re-bait all three and also to put out another ten Spombs of bait to freshen up the area and hopefully draw the carp down to feed.

“This worked as within ten minutes my left-hand rod was in meltdown and throughout the battle I knew the fish was something special as it made slow hard lunges and stripped line from my reel.

“After a 20 minute battle the fish eventually gave up and I could see it was another big common, which tipped the scales at 38lb 2oz and set a another new PB for me, the second in just three weeks!”