Fake Food Lands - Danny Fairbrass

Yep, it’s been a long time in coming, but the first launch from our Fake Food range is now in all good tackle shops! The first release is Pop-Up Corn, in four flavours. Fake Food really is Danny Fairbrass’ baby, as he uses it such a lot for his fishing. It has taken him a lot of effort, research, design and exhaustive testing to get the Pop-Up corn just right, but we think that it’s been worth it! We’ll let Dan explain more…

“I have put a great deal of time and effort into formulating a bespoke range of plastic hook baits to cover almost any angling situation, Worldwide. Our baits are different from anything else currently on te market because they contain our favourite flavour/attractor combinations arrived at after years of making our own pop-ups, actually moulded into the plastic. These flavour combinations are as follows…

I.B. - Ali's Illegal bast###s, a blend of several fruits that is now legendary.

Pink Fruity Squid - blend of the best squid and several fruity attractors.

White Banoffee - Danny's most recent favourite that has caught him huge fish all over Europe

Green Citrus Zing - a blend of exclusive citrus flavours, made to make their mouth water.

All come with free hair stops that pull up inside the bait so the hair cannot be seen from above, a trick taken from some of the best plastic users in the country. I reckon that this is a small but deadly range that will soon dominate the plastic baits scene.”

Look out for more additions to the range, including barrel-shaped baits and bottom baits soon!