Face-To-Face with a Monster - Dave Finn

Dave Finn recently spent two weeks fishing at Rainbow Lake, where he came face to face with a genuine monster or two!

When his mate Clive Arrowsmith called Dave to offer him a last-minute place on his trip, Dave jumped at the chance. “It took me all of a second to accept Clive’s offer,” Dave said. “The next eight days were a mixture of trying to frantically balance a full-time job, while trying to arrange kit, food, bait and all the equipment I’d need for a two-week stay at what probably is the best big-fish lake in the world.”

Clive and Dave arrived at the famous big-fish venue after a 10-hour journey, during which Dave grilled Clive on tactics for Rainbow. After a night’s sleep, the lads were ready to start their session on the Saturday, but opted to rest their swims and set about getting provisions ready for a Sunday start.

Although Rainbow necessitates some pretty outlandish tactics at times, Dave’s setup was refreshingly simple, as he explains, “My rigs were simply beefed-up versions of the rigs that I use at home. Damian Clarke kindly gave me some sample coated hook length material in 65lb, which I have to say was excellent stuff. This was tied in lengths of around 12 inches, and I placed a large Sinker halfway down to pin everything down. Hooks were size-two Kontinentals fished either blowback style or multi rig style with a size-11 ring swivel used to attach the bait. The hook baits were 18mm hardened Mainline Cell bottom baits tipped with a Fat Fish Fruity squid pop-up.”

After a sturgeon graced his net early in the session, Dave had to wait until the next morning for his first carp bite, which resulted in a 41lb common. Dave then took fish of 38lb and 49lb before connecting with a true leviathan! Dave was in no doubt that this was a bigger fish, “A couple of heavy lunges had me gasping for breath; I'd called for Clive but he was dead to the world. The fish surfaced in front on me and as it turned on its flank I caught a brief glimpse of it before it powered off in front of me once again. I knew then that I was in direct contact with the fish and its heaviness was a true reflection of its size.”

Once Dave had managed to slide the huge fish into his net he ran down to Clive for assistance. Clive identified the fish as The Silver Common and it slammed the scales to a breathtaking 77lb.

After a run of lost fish, Dave managed to get back into the Rainbow carp and finished his session on a high, banking a clutch of big Rainbow carp. However, the next highlight of the trip came in the form of an even bigger common for Clive! You’ll be able to see Clive’s fish and the rest of Dave’s big ‘uns in a feature that he’s written for the Korda site very soon, so keep your eyes peeled!