Exciting new developments for Dovetail Fishing

The world’s most advanced carp fishing game – Dovetail Fishing – has been updated, unlocking a series of brand-new features to make the experience even more realistic.

Backed by Korda, who are acting as consultants for the game, phase four of the PC-based game’s development sees the introduction of bite alarms, new rigs and different lake bed types.

Elusive leather carp are now also on angler’s target list along with a variety of scaly mirrors to angle for. Having signed a deal with the Linear Complex, gamers will also be able to target this historic venue plus a variety of other waters.

The new rigs include a DF stiff rig, tied with IQ fluorocarbon to Danny Fairbrass’s specifications, and a chod rig for targeting fish in weedy areas. You can also select a KD rig.

A new leaderboard system also allows you to compare your catches with fellow anglers and, if you’re just starting out, an improved tutorial system is also now live.

The game is still in development but you can purchase a reduced, Early Access version via: https://dtgfishing.com