Euro Trip - Jake Wildbore

It’s not everyday you get a phone call out the blue from your sales manager asking, “Can you take two Russian anglers fishing down at Linear?” Obviously I didn’t hesitate in snatching his hand off to spend a few nights down in Oxford, in the spring, especially when all the lakes were fishing well and I had the opportunity to wet a line too.

I met Vitalii and Dmitry at the St Johns and Manor Farm car park, after their staggering five-day drive from Yekaterinburg, deep in Russia. If I’m honest, I was slightly nervous meeting two complete strangers and having to fish with them, not knowing anything about them… but it was only fishing.

We decided to fish on Manor Farm, basically because it has a large stock and a good average size of fish, ranging from mid-doubles to the magical 40lb mark. It’s also incredibly weedy, so it would be perfect to show them both how to find little clear areas among the weed and be how you need to be particular about where you’re fishing. From what I gathered from our conversations, most lakes they fish contain hardly any weed and are relatively featureless.

So, straight away we set off with the task of casting, feeling the lead down, which is something they hadn’t even heard of, let alone done. So, that wasn’t the easiest of tasks and we then started the mammoth task of finding a clear area. Like sponges, Vitalii and Dmitry soaked all the information up and put it into practice.

Finally, with the spots found, it was now time to start talking rigs. It’s staggering how different we are as anglers, their rigs and style of angling are completely different to what we are used to. Their techniques tend to be a lot less subtle than ours, but their fishing is a lot more demanding than ours too.

Over the 48-hour session we ended up with nine fish between us, the biggest was a few ounces short of 30lb. Manor didn’t fish particularly well, and they had to work hard to get some action, which is something that we all have to do from time to time.

Not only did we have a great few days and learned plenty, I have now made some good friends and as a result, they have both kindly invited me to travel over to Russia and experience some of the fishing Russia has to offer. This has come around quicker than I thought, it was only a few weeks ago I met them both for the first time and now I’m flying out first thing tomorrow to Moscow. To say I’m excited is an understatement, but I’m also quite nervous. I’ve only ever flown on my own once and that was to France, slightly different to Moscow!

So, I’ll check in once I’ve returned, hopefully alive and well.

Until then,

Be lucky,