Eti's Floating Hook Rig - Etienne Gebel

Quite recently, I have been targeting a new lake in Germany that I’ve found. It’s clear, weedy, fully loaded with natural food such as mussels and snails and in addition to that, it contains very a few carp. A low stock and loads of natural food doesn’t encourage competitive feeding. Finding the little productive spots is one of the main problems that I face on this lake. This is because most of the lakebed is very irregular and covered in debris in some areas. So, I have spent many hours searching for the right spots.

I’m only one session in and it seems that my preparation has been perfect, as I’ve had a bit of a result. I put two rods on a clear, hard spot along with a couple of kilos boilies. I opted for my Overload Bottom Bait and Floating Hook Rig. The signs were not that good for fish that day. Temperatures were high and there was barely a breath of wind. Not really fishing weather. After setting all the traps correctly, I was trying to relax little bit. It had some tough times in the previous few weeks, losing a big fish and working super hard. On several days we worked for more than 14 hours; Korda Europe is growing as well!
There were no signs of fish even on dusk. I fell to sleep very early.
Next morning, out of the blue, I got a very slow take on my right-hand rod and bent into a fish. The fish felt very heavy and was shaking with his head during the fight. But thanks to the semi-fixed inline system I was using, I didn’t have any problems. I was very nervous and played the fish very carefully while my heart was beating hard and my legs turned to jelly. I felt more and more certain that there must be something special on the other end. The fish didn’t give up and the battle took over 20 minutes. I couldn’t believe my eyes at what broke through the surface. After a few more minutes of fear and terror, I was able to put the net under a perfectly nailed, massive mirror carp. I lifted the brute to the unhooking mat and it felt very heavy. My scales brought me the truth; 64lb of German gold. I could put another monster to my personal list. So, you see, keep trying, because luck and bad luck are very close together.