Essex Syndicate

The Firs fishery is a small, intimate 4-acre lake located in Tendring, Clacton On Sea, Essex. It is run as an exclusive 10 man syndicate running from 1st February to 31st November with Decemeber and January as the close season, to give the carp a break.
There are very few syndicates with as little members as this around, making it perfect for the angler with limited time. The small membership also offers you the chance to do your own thing without the worry of turning back up to a lake full of anglers.
Since being dug some 8 or 9 years ago, the lake has matured greatly into what is now a beautiful fishery - nicknamed by some as “The Garden Pond”, due to its well extremely well kept nature. The fishery manager James has paid great attention to keeping the place looking like a golf course.
The lake has an average depth of 6-9ft - there are 3 islands, reed beds, pads, gravel bars and plenty of other features offering you a wide variety of angling situations to challenge yourself with. No matter what style of fishing you are into you will be able to do it here with success.
Stocked with 80-90 carp there is a good head of fish for the size of the water. Within the lake there are 15 recorded 30lb+ carp, with commons to 36lbs and mirrors up to 38lbs. The rest of the carp are 20 pounders, other than a very small handful of doubles, so the chance of a good’un is always highly in your favour. As you can see from the pictures, the carp are simply beautiful, well worthy of a place in anyone’s album!
The majority of the carp are caught by the anglers fishing for a bite at a time. Small amounts of bait in the edge, PVA bags fished against the islands, or small spreads of bait all accounti for their fair share of the carp that are caught. Again, ideal for the angler with limited time.
If you are after somewhere with beautiful carp, wonderful surroundings and a chance to unwind away from the crowds then this place is perfect for you.

Tickets are priced at £500 for the year, but there are only 3 places left so if you interested then please be quick and contact James on 07979851330.

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