Essential Reading

We’re delighted to announce the launch of Korda’s first yearbook, Telling Tales. This publication is quite different from your average carp book. It’s a true feast for the eyes and features exciting contributions from Korda’s staff, including Danny Fairbrass, Adam Penning, Damian Clarke, Ali Hamidi and Darrell Peck.
You might expect that Korda staff have loads of time to fish, but the truth is far from that. Most of us slot our fishing in between the demands of family life, just like you. That’s why this book should appeal to all carpers, irrespective of experience.
Telling Tales features 13 UK forties and a host of other amazing fish, including some truly jaw-dropping foreign chunks. It’s not just a procession of big carp though, because each chapter is subtly interwoven with the tactics that helped bank the fish contained within.
We could have filled its pages with blatant plugs, but chose instead to let the tales do the talking. The result is a classy and understated publication that will be as valid in 2021 as it is in 2011.
Telling Tales sets the benchmark for publications of its type and will become highly collectable. This is the first in what will be a long-running series of yearbooks that will build into an entertaining and informative series.
It retails for £25 and is available from Korda stockists. There are thirty, high-quality, leather-bound collector’s editions available.