Epic Overnighters - Oli Bowles

Oli Bowles has been among the fish recently, fishing short sessions. Here’s how he does it…
“With time seemingly up against me this year, I have found it hard to get out and string a few nights together on my main target waters. The year seemed to be drifting past at an alarming rate so with that in mind I decided to get into the swing of quick overnighters, something that I’m sure a lot of you guys are very familiar with. I have a few local tickets and it was on these lakes that I would turn my attentions to. When fishing these last-minute overnighters, you’re turning up late and leaving early so getting your location spot on before setting up is the main part of the puzzle in my eyes.
I turned up for my first overnighter on a new lake and with location in mind I began my first lap of the session. Even if I see fish straight away I still make sure to do at least one full lap to make sure I’m not missing something kicking off elsewhere. I soon found a group of fish fizzing and rolling in a small bay and they looked very catchable, so that would do me for the night. Once I’d decided where I was going to fish it was full steam ahead to get set up. Its important to maximise your time on overnighters by getting sorted and fishing as quick as you can once you have location sorted. I knew it was weedy around where I was going to fish but after a little leading around I found a couple of clear areas to present my baits on. Both rods were rigged up with short, simple N-Trap rigs, knotless knotted to size-six Wide Gape Kaptors; nothing fancy but strong and reliable. Soon enough I was sat back with a brew, watching the odd fish roll in front of me. It took a few hours for the bite to come but just before dusk a 27lb mirror rolled over the net cord, not a bad start! Well, that night I had three more fish to 18lb and I was packed away and off by 9am the next day. It just goes to show that you don’t need a lot of time if you get your location bang on.”

Oli has since been out and banked several more fish to over 30lb, using the same rigs, fishing into holes in the weed.