Epic conclusion to Monster Carp Season 4 at Cassien!

Carp waters don’t come any more famous than Lac de Saint-Cassien, in the south of France, and for more than three decades it has been a mecca for travelling anglers, and so has always been high on the list of places that Ali, Neil and Tom would love to fish.

In the final episode of Season Four they finally get their chance to make the long drive down to Cannes and to set up on this large venue, with the hope of catching one of its residents.

The fishing isn’t going to be easy though, as the water level is very low, night fishing is prohibited, and many of the fish appear to have already gathered in the out of bounds spawning area at the end of the West Arm, so this is going to be a real challenge.

Ali and Neil take a more static approach covering the closest swims to the out of bounds area, hoping to intercept any fish moving in or out – that includes fishing on the renowned Ellis Point, named after Kevin Ellis and his famous capture of a 76lb mirror back in 1986. Whilst Tom decides to keep mobile for early part of the session and to try and learn as much as he can about the lake.

At times the fishing is incredibly slow and they feel in with little chance of catching – so much so that two of them spend a couple of days on another lake nearby, just trying to get a few bites. But eventually everything comes together and in a far more spectacular fashion than any of them could have dreamt of…

Make sure you don’t miss the explosive final episode of Season Four, which first airs on ITV4 on August 1, at 8pm - if you aren’t going to be at home, ensure you’ve set your box to record!