Enjoy some amazing winter fishing at Gigantica Main Lake!

If you fancy some fantastic winter carp fishing in France with the possibility of a real monster, then get yourself booked on Gigantica Main Lake – as your chances of catching have now increased dramatically!

There are now four monsters topping the 80lb mark, including a common, and following the introduction of an additional 167 fish – which were grown on in ponds at the venue and are the progeny of the original fish – the stock has increased to around 600 carp in total.

Some of these fish, which were only introduced in November 2016, have already been caught at just under 40lb (by now we expect that a few of them will be above that weight) – two mirrors known as Paris and Hector have both topped 38lb, having been stocked into the Main Lake at 11lb 12oz and 13lb respectively, when they were just three summers old.

Not only have the stock fish been piling on the weight, but so have some of the original stock – with Fudgy’s back up in weight, having been caught at 81lb in October; also during the same month, the Immaculate Common hit the bank at 80lb 8oz; and the German – which Ali Hamidi caught at 79lb during Monster Carp filming – also looks a dead cert to top eighty. There was also a very special capture of Northern Scaley during the last few weeks!

The fishing at the venue has totally changed as a result, and it has made catching during winter a viable prospect, as has been shown over the past few months, with some fantastic sessions being enjoyed by those paying a visit to this famous water in northern France.

Korda Koach, Rob Burgess, took an amazing ten-carp haul during a hectic 48-hour feeding spell, including a mirror called Well Hung at 54lb 12oz. Steve French caught the Patched Fully at 56lb 8oz, and Stuart Young had a trio of originals – White Lines at 59lb, Sashsquash at 54lb and Gums at 42lb – with both catches coming at the start of this month.

But the highlight so far has to be the December capture of one of the most sought-after fish in the lake, the mighty Northern Scaley at 80lb - which has only been banked twice in five years and fell to Steve Bartlett in freezing, foggy conditions!

All of the fish have been coming from the middle part of the lake, and in light of that, and to give everyone fishing the lake at this time of the year a reasonable chance of catching, we have decided to drop the number of places available each week to just six anglers, plus the bailiff.

This will apply between now and Saturday, March 16, and the swims which will be available all give you the chance to cast to the middle part of the lake, where the bulk of the fish have been coming from – the swims which will be fished are Co’s Point, Alcatraz, Alamo, Stink, Oblivion, Beach, and Pole Position.

It has also been noticeable that those who have been following the advice of the bailiffs, who know the venue inside out as they spend a lot of time there, have tended to be the ones who have been catching. It also means that the same areas have also been consistently seeing bait over the course of the winter, and this has made a big difference as well.

Successful tactics have been very simple – basically fishing over beds of corn, maize and hemp, with Goo’d pop-ups on spinner rigs scoring well.

Some places are still available between now and March 16, so if you fancy a winter getaway with the chance of the fish-of-a-lifetime, then check out: http://www.gigantica-carp.com/availability
Full details on Gigantica are available here: http://www.gigantica-carp.com