England Visits Germany

A few days ago the brand manager, Andy Cadwallader from Aqua Products followed his invitation and visited good old Germany for the first time with Etienne Gebel and Jens from Korda Europe for a social trip.
The three guys went to a local water known as “Hubertusgewässer” where the popular Korda workshops take place every year. The boss of the fishing club “Rheinlust Emmerich” Gunther Töpfer and his staff made it possible that the English guest was allowed to fish the session. So, a special thanks to him.
The three guys made the decision to fish the largest part of the lake, situated between the islands with 3 different tactics. Andy opted to spread the rods out to make more space and not confine the lines into one particular area. One was fished with a razor sharp Choddy 8 hook, attached to a chod rig with a 14mm pop-up. The other rod was fished with a Wide Gape 6 and straight boilie bottom bait against the island.
Andy scattered a few 18mm boilies in the area and watched constantly for showing fish.
Jens, who situated himself against the other island was opting for groundbait catapulted over boilie hook baits – a tactic that works well for him.
Etienne Gebel who fished between the two other guys made the decision to bait up with a mix from tiger nuts, boilies and chili hemp. This was cast out with a groundbait sling. A Cell dumbell and tiger nut combination was fished on a Kurv 8 KD rig. In the last couple of week’s small hook baits have been very successful on this venue.
The three lads had a very nice social including a cracking German style barbecue. Arjan from Korda Europe and Kay from Carp in Focus Magazine also attended to interview Andy for his magazine.
The social went on until very late in the night and Etienne caught a few bream and lost a carp as they all enjoyed some classic German beer.
A short time after the barbecue had started Jens’ rod ripped off. A small Mainline Pineapple pop-up mounted on a size 8 Mixa to Supernatural did the business and produced a lovely mirror over 20lb. The guys were over the moon! The target, however, of the two hosts Jens and Etienne was to enable Andy to catch his first German carp.
On the first morning, Andy’s chod rig rattled off. After a couple of minutes a small mirror was snagged in some water lilies. Andy was in contact with his first German carp and the hook unfortunately pulled out of the mouth pretty quickly after hooking it. He was a little frustrated, but he didn’t give up.
During the day the weather conditions went a lot warmer and a lot of fish were on the surface. Andy and Etienne together went to another part of the lake in a small bay with the floater rod. A Kruiser Controller was fished with a chum mixer on a size 10 MIXA hook.
The fish had other ideas, though, and weren’t interested at all in feeding - the weather was getting hotter and they began spawning!
Back to the swim everything was tried, the guys put some zigs on and rested the normal swims during the day.
On the last evening, out of the blue, Andy’s rod sprung to life. After a hard battle Etienne slid the net under a long, lean, fighting machine. The shouting and congratulating of the guys was definitely heard around the lake. The target for our English friend was achieved and the common was a little over 20lb!
The first German carp for Andy. The party continued through the night and Andy left Germany a very happy man.