England Victory!

I’ll not go into to much detail as we did shoot 2 programmes for Sky TV, so all the finer points will be revealed some time in October, but I’m sure Danny won’t mind me mentioning that we won by a country mile, and that was after coming out last in the draw and Tom & Danny stitching me up in a swim that had hardly done any bites all bloody year!
Like I said, we did win, but personally it was more of a tale of lost fish due to some severe under water snags. Danny Turtle (head bailiff), is going to remove some of them, but the fish are obviously grouped up in the snags as they feel very safe. Nevertheless, I did manage to extract 6 fish from 12 bites, which any seasoned snag angler will tell you is about the correct ratio really.
I didn’t land any real monsters, but I had a stunning 32lb+ fully scaled which would look right at home in Oxford, let alone in the middle of France!! A lovely 27lb+ common and a couple of 24 pounders made up the rest of my tally, and Danny chipped in with 8 fish to just over 30lb. Young gun Tom Dove stuck it out till the end in an area that seemed totally devoid of carp until we had a big storm on the last day, which really livened the fish up no end. In true Dove style he bagged 2 on the last night, a mid 20 and a 31 pounder, so it was smiles all round on the way home.
I’m not going to plug the backside out of Gigantica as you will all make your own minds up, but the excitement is so severe that I hardly slept a wink all week in the match as the fish were so active at night, and some big crashes could be heard all over the lake (apart from in front of Tom). You really don’t know if the next bite is going to be a double of a seventy pounder - how good is that?? I for one can’t wait to get back there in September, and it’s a credit to how much work Danny Turtle has done to the place over the winter. If I say the swims are amazing with my OCD, then you know it must be one of the cleanest lakes in France.
So keep your eyes peeled later in the year for the ins and outs of the match, it’s worth watching just for Mr Hamidi’s superb one liners towards the Germans......

Be Lucky.

Iain Macmillan.