Embryo's Stanton produces one of its biggest residents!

Peter Lay had spent the summer off pursuing other targets, before returning to the Embryo Stanton Lake, which he helps run, and bagging this 31lb 5oz cracker!

The engineer had popped down to see how the other members were getting, but arrived to find that he had the whole place to himself, and soon found a group of ten fish including this one known as the Pig.

He revealed: “I grabbed a bag of bait and headed off for a lap of the lake, taking the time to climb as many trees as possible and looking in every nook and cranny.

“I found a group of carp in a small bay but they seemed reluctant to feed on the free offerings that I placed along the margin, but then I spotted a rocking below the surface as a carp lifted out of a small hole in the weed close to the bank, and it looked like a good one!

“I watched as the Pig swam towards me and under the tree in which I was perched and settled in some lily pads in the corner. I made a mental note of the hole, climbed down and went and placed a few baits on the spot.

“I continued around the lake and saw some fish showing across the lake on the wind and a few small commons in the snags, so I grabbed a rod and some bits and made my way back round, checking each of my spots as I went.

“The fish I’d seen in the car park area were in sunbathing mode and nothing seemed to be in a feeding mood, and when I got back to the bay I climbed the tree and could see that the bait on my original spots was untouched and I could see all of the fish except for the Pig.

“Then I spotted the water over the hole in the weed rocking and she was scoffing the broken up bits of Mainline Cell boilies, and as I watched she lifted up, swam under the tree and back to the pads.

“This was my chance, and being unsure of exactly what was on the bottom I opted for a 1.5oz lead with a Heli-Safe and a hinged stiff rig, tying on a nice fresh pop-up. I checked to make sure there were no fish on the spot and with the coast clear I gently lowered in my rig and dropped half-a-dozen baits around it.

“I placed my rod on the ground and sat back against the fence, and I didn’t have to wait long as the water rocked and then my clutch went into meltdown. I knew which fish it was even before I picked up the rod and after a spirited battle the Pig was in my net, and although she was well down in weight after a good spawn, it was another one of the big fish ticked off my list.”