Embryo Update - Matthew Pettitt

Things at Embryo have been moving at a fast pace over the last couple of months, we have been focused on setting up the organisation, investigating potential waters, looking into fencing and stock options

A lot of time has been spent looking for suitable venues we could buy or lease. We are currently progressing with several of these. These lakes are blank canvases and will take a lot of hard work and commitment to develop. We hope to have them stocked and fenced by the end of the coming winter, with one or two in a position to open to angling in the spring. Watch this space for further announcements on this as we will be calling on the skills of the local volunteers in the areas to help us.

We are still receiving requests of help from fisheries, the process of choosing the waters to help is not complete yet but we will be selecting at least two worthy lakes to fence early next year. This will be an ongoing process with funds being raised annually to help other clubs/syndicates protect their lakes.
At this point in the process we would like to thank the people who have spent time and effort helping us with the project.

Firstly Dan Hicks the MD of Afinitek who has kindly donated a brand new HP ProBook 430 G1 laptop this generous donation has already been put to good use by us. The laptop is ideal for our needs and if you need any IT hardware Dan and Afinitek offer a great service

We have had a number of people offering to help us with the website, Director of Herdl Ged Day is working with us to develop embryoangling.org we are very excited by what we have seen so far. We would like to thank Ged and his team for all of the hard work they have been putting in.

Thanks also go to Mike O’Neill MD of Oneillmodernmedia (OMM) who as well as taking time out to help us has also made an offer of free signage for some Embryo venues.

On the fishing front it goes without saying that we would like to thank the army of people who have offered help and support. Particular thanks go to Simon Scott and Viv Shears for their advice and support and to Reuben Page who has carried out fisheries surveys for us. Nick Gilbey, Paul Chandler and Trevor Birch have all been working with us on future stocking plans and Shaun Leonard has helped us with valuable advice on fish stocking matters.

Dave Marvel from Otterstop has also been a great help, providing free quotes and advising us on potential projects.

If you have any information or if you want to contact Matthew, please email matthew@embryoangling.org

Exciting times ahead, there will be more information coming soon…