Embryo Angling making otter fencing affordable for everyone!

Otter predation has become an increasingly widespread problem at fisheries across the country, but in many cases there is a solution!

Plenty of fisheries have now protected their stocks by installing otter fences around their lakes, and many others would like to but have been put off by the potentially high costs involved.

That is where Embryo Angling could come in, as during 2015 it carried out the fencing of a number of waters with the materials and labour being completely donated in some cases, and in the rest the lion’s share was covered by Embryo.

This will continue through this year, with the focus still on any donated jobs being done on open access club waters which have a community focus, but Embryo will also be offering a cut price fencing service to everyone else!

Embryo has its own team and equipment to do all the groundwork and clearance and then install the high quality fencing – which is made from high tensile galvanised steel wire and features a cranked top to stop otters climbing over it, as well as a ground skirt to prevent them from getting under it. Many fences require a lot of maintenance, but these ones are built to last for years, with the posts coming with a 15 year guarantee.

Part of the reason why Embryo was originally set up was to protect as many fisheries as possible and it is non-profit making, with the emphasis being on just covering the costs of the fencing and installation, rather than looking to make anything from it.

So if your local club or fishery had given up on the idea of being able to protect its waters due to the cost or challenging terrain, they should think again, as there may well be an option which is affordable and practical!

Colchester Postal and Telecoms Angling Club was the first to benefit from the donated fencing scheme, after approaching Embryo, and now has a fence installed around it’s Match Pit, at Wivenhoe, to protect its stocks of old English carp, running to over 40lb. It didn’t cost the club a penny, and in this case Dovetail Games stepped in to foot the bill.

This is all part of Korda boss Danny Fairbrass putting something back into angling and protecting the future of the sport, which was the reason he set Embryo up in the first place.

For more details on installing otter fencing around your fishery, check out: www.embryoangling.org Or call: 01268 285987.