Elusive Beast Caps Off Gigantica Trip - Team Korda

The Korda trip to Gigantica this week has provided some stunning action for the lads, topped off by a very special capture for Jake Wildbore.

Danny Fairbrass led a posse of Korda employees over the channel to France, to fish at his incredible Gigantica complex. The big-fish venue, which is situated not far from Reims, has been fishing its head off recently, so the lads were understandably eager to get involved. After a draw for swims, the lads plotted up and began plotting the downfall of some of the finest carp in France.

Account manager, Garth Ethelston, was first into action, getting an incredible seven runs from Pole Position on the first full day! Rather than fill it in from the off with bait, Garth opted to trickle his Atlantic Heat freebies in 30 at a time, every half hour or so. It certainly worked, because he was rewarded with the mighty Pips at 51lb - a new PB! He went on to take a run of fish to 37lb over the next few days.

The arrival of Darrell Peck (a day late, after attending a wedding) heralded another period of intense action. Darrell had drawn the coveted Co’s Point and wasted no time in getting among the fish, using Mainline’s Hybrid bait, which is pretty much natural food to the Gigantica stock. Darrell’s haul of 10 fish was topped by a cracking, deep 48lb mirror and with two nights left, who knows what he might add?

Now to the undoubted highlight of the trip so far! After coming out last in the draw, Jake chose Scotty’s Corner and came up with a plan of action to outwit the residents of this corner of the lake. He opted to leave his rods out of the water in the daytime, just baiting the swim to encourage any fish that drifted through to stay and feed. His cautious approach led to the downfall of one of the most elusive fish in the lake, The Immaculate Common. Uncaught for over four years, this huge fish slammed the scales to 59lb 4oz!There’s every chance that this beast was a mid-sixty before spawning!

The team travels home on Saturday, so there’s plenty of time for another Gigantica monster to show itself before then!