Elliott Gray on why SUBbraid catches him more carp!

Resident big-fish man, Elliott Gray has been using SUBbraid from the testing stage, and it’s now his first-choice main line. Here’s why it’s going to be yours too…

“I’ve always been very meticulous with my fishing, as friends will tell you. I’m well known for spending a long time casting and fine-tuning my understanding of the spot that I’m concentrating on. After a few years of using mono for this, I began to wonder whether it’d be worth giving braid a go. I’d heard good things about a product, Bullet Braid, but that had seemingly been discontinued.

“Luckily for me, I was able to get hold of early samples of what was to become SUBbraid, and I’ve been using it from day one. I’ve used each incarnation of the braid as we took it from the drawing board, right through to the product that we’re ready to release.

Elliott uses an IQ2 leader with his SUBbraid. He joins the two with a back-to-back grinner.

The result of precise angling!

“It allows me to do all my feature finding with my fishing rods – in that sense, it’s a game-changer! I can now get onto a spot EXACTLY where I want to, within 20 casts rather than 40! Once you’ve clipped up to the precise part of the spot that you want to target, you can hit it time and time again with SUBbraid – something that isn’t possible with mono.

“As the name suggests, it sinks superbly well too. I’m a big fan of Kontour, so to have a braid that sinks equally well, if not better, ticks all the right boxes. A couple of the lakes that I’ve been using it on are relatively open and deep, so I’ve been getting exceptional line lay with the new braid. If you’re targeting tricky fish, you’ll know just how important good line lay can be.

“The lack of stretch clearly marks this braid out for snag fishing, and it allows me to get on top of a fish from the off, turning it away from danger in a way that isn’t possible with mono, especially at range.

“I do use a fluorocarbon leader with this stuff, because it’s safer for the fish, and I like the fact that it keeps the business end as subtle as possible. I attach 15lb IQ with a back-to-back grinner, or 12lb Kontour, if I’m fishing in open water.

“I know that SUBbraid has caught me more fish, critically, because I’ve often been able to tell, by feel, how the spot is responding to my baiting, and adjust the amount I feed accordingly; an end to accidental overbaiting!”

SUBbraid is set for launch in July - watch this space for more details!!