Effort Equals Awards

Here at Korda we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality end tackle on the market, carefully designed to help the angler catch more carp. Dan has built the company around hard work, honesty and a desire to be the best, all of which have been key to Korda’s success. In 2008 Danny acquired a holiday fishing venue in France, Gigantica, and applying the same mentality to Gigantica as he does Korda has seen the venue come on leaps and bounds. Today, Gigantica is one of the premier French holiday destinations and once you’ve been there and experienced it for yourself, it’s easy to understand why.

Dan has a lot of pride in everything he does, whether it’s fishing a commercial lake for small carp, chasing big carp or running a business. Dan puts in 110 percent at all times, and it shows. This way of life also rubs off onto his staff and it’s all key to success. So, upon receiving these awards, we, as a company, take great pride in the achievement, just as much as Dan does. It’s great to know that all the hard work and has been noticed and that the customer is happy, after all, that is what is most important and exactly what we strive to achieve.

During a well-attended 5 Lakes carp show, Korda and Gigantica managed to scoop three precious awards; Gigantica picked up the award for ‘Best Holiday Carp Water of 2013’, whilst Korda was awarded ‘Best Main Line’ and ‘Best End Tackle Manufacturer’. All of these awards were voted for by the readers of Carp-Talk magazine, so a big thank you goes to all that gave use their vote.

Hopefully 2014 will be just as good a year for all of us, with plenty of success all round.