Ed's New PB common

At the start of this year I set myself two ambitious targets; to catch the Fat Lady out of St Ives and to bank a 40lb common. My first quest was cut short after just four nights when the Lady was found dead, so I concentrated all my efforts on a complex of lakes on the banks of the river Nene to try and achieve the latter goal.

With work commitments and the birth of my son, Sam, time was very short, but I finally managed to decide on which lake in the complex to fish and to put a bit of time together. It took me a few sessions to work out the lake and its fish, just nicking one here and there, but then it all started coming together with multiple captures. I put the success down to working out where the fish liked to hold and getting a bait established in the area. I had a couple of fish on my faithful hinged stiff rig, but not as many fish fell to it as I hoped so I started ringing the changes a bit. My double hook bait rig banked a good few fish, but when I finally achieved my target forty-plus common it was on something a bit different. I had been using a few broken baits in my spod mix, so I wanted something a bit more subtle. I tied up a seven-inch rig using 15lb N-Trap in green and a size 10 Wide Gape hook, with a bit of extra small shrink tube to create an angle and help the hook kick round. I have been baiting with The Edge boilie from Aqua Dynamix, so for the hook bait I used small yellow pop up in the matching flavour. I whittled the 12mm bait down to a barrel shape to make the rig critically balanced to sit on any debris and to fly into the fish’s mouth easily.

I have to say it was very nervy playing the large, powerful fish in on a size 10 hook, but I often find the thin gage wire penetrates further and gives a better hold than the bigger hooks. After very long battle I finally managed to bank the fish and I was over the moon to see I had banked my first 40lb common at 44lb 2oz!

If you want a more detailed description of the capture and the other fish I have caught then please check out my diary piece in Big Carp Magazine or have a look at my Video Blog on You Tube – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSTm0FGHe_4&;feature=player_profilepage

Ed Betteridge