Ed gets his campaign on a new water off to the perfect start

Ed Betteridge has had a brilliant run of big fish in recent times, including recently smashing his PB with a 53lb 12oz mirror, and he got off to a great start on the new water that he is targeting, even though he caught a couple of its smallest residents.

When you are targeting fish on a low stock, 140 acre lake then anything is very welcome, and even more so if it is your first trip on the venue, so Ed was delighted to land this 23lb common along with a smaller one.

The Team Korda member revealed: “The first session on a new water is always exciting and yet daunting at the same time, but I would go as far to say that my inaugural trip to this relatively forgotten lake was even a little intimidating!

“I was a bit taken aback to immediately find some fish right near the car park, as I was expecting a long, hard search before I found them! I decided not to just settle in the first swim I came to, and spent the next three hours looking around in the boat, before deciding that my best option was back where I’d started!

“This quickly proved to be the correct choice as I received a bite within a minute of getting the last rod out and that resulted in a cracking common of 23lb. The following morning the fish were gone, so I had to move and find them again.

“I spent hours searching for fish in the main body of water without seeing any signs, until I drifted into a small bay and found a couple. I watched the area for about 30 minutes and saw around six carp milling around, so I set up. I got a bite straight away, but unfortunately the fish came adrift and I wondered if I had ruined my chances.

“However I was lucky enough to get another bite and it resulted in a small common with a distinctive swirly pattern of scales on its flank. My first impression of the lake has been very positive and I can’t wait to get back, as it is all about the mystery of what could be in there and catching fish that haven’t seen a hook for a very long time, or possibly never!”