Ed Betteridge sets a new PB with Roids!

A last minute change of plans resulted in a new PB for Ed Betteridge with the capture of Roids at 53lb 12oz from the ‘boating lake’.

Unfortunately it was a recapture and wasn’t one of the other fish that he was after, but at 3lb heavier than his previous best he wasn’t complaining too much!

Ed revealed: “I didn’t have any plans to go back to the boating lake, but the water I intended on fishing is 150 acres and is stream-fed, and after all the recent rain and cold weather I knew it would be a waste of time until conditions improved. With no other tickets to fall back on, at the last minute I decided to rejoin the boating lake in the hope of catching a couple of the fish that had evaded me last year.

“The complex was busy when the season opened on April 1, but the boating lake wasn’t too bad, with just seven anglers on 65 acres. I spent hours watching the water but didn’t see anything, so I ended up setting up in an area that did a few bites last April. There was a raised area which ran parallel with the bank and was heavily weeded in the summer, and the deeper water around it was barren and featureless.

“The visibility of the water was poor and I didn’t want to disturb the area too much, so I boated out to the area and cast a chod rig another 15 yards to where I wanted it and baited with just a dozen 10mm and 14mm Cell and prototype Mainline boilies scattered around, as the water was still cold but I did want a bit of attraction around my rig. My chod rig consisted of a 16mm Cell pop-up on a size 6 Kaptor Choddy hook to 25lb MouthTrap fished on a 30lb fluorocarbon leader with a Heli-Safe System and SUBbraid main line.

“The wind switched to a southerly during the night, and heavy rain forced me to zip up the bivvy to keep dry. Weed had gathered on the lines during the night and I’d been getting a few bleeps from it, so when I was awoken just before dawn by three more bleeps I didn’t think much of it. But then I had a two-bleep drop-back and as I was getting out of bed and putting my boots on it ripped off!

“I got the fish back 50 yards without any dramatics and just the odd nod, but then it weeded itself, and after trying keeping tension on and also giving it some slack, nothing moved, so I put on my lifejacket and went after it in the boat in the driving rain.

“Once I got over the top of it, the fish started to slowly inch out of the weed and then hit the surface quicker than I had expected, and there was a big ball of dead weed with a belly sticking out of the side of it.

“it was hard to gauge how big it was, and before I could scoop it up, it realised what was happening and surged off, taking several yards of line off of a tight clutch. It weeded me up again, but then came free and as it hit the surface it exploded, and the sound that echoed around the lake left me in no doubt that it was a very big fish.

“I managed to get it in the net the third time it came to the top, and I knew it was one of the real lumps. Back on the bank I weighed it and was elated to have smashed my PB, but it was bittersweet as it was a recapture of Roids, which I’d had last summer. It was good to get a fish on the bank, as the last one had been a 28-pounder that I had back in late November.”