Ed Betteridge lands Roids at over 50lb!

Ed Betteridge has been having a fantastic year so far and has just banked his second PB of 2017, with first ever 50lb-plus carp!

Having already had a new PB common of 46lb 10oz – a fish known as Leeches from a 60 acre gravel pit – just a few months ago, Ed finally achieved his dream of a UK fifty when he landed Roids at 50lb 12oz, his tenth fish over 45lb!

Ed revealed: “I’ve been targeting big carp for a number of years now, probably as far back as 2005, and have often set my sights on one or two particular fish from certain waters, but recently I’ve had a growing desire to bank a UK 50lb-plus fish.

“In the past, most of the fish that I targeted and caught have fallen well short of the top weights which they had achieved and when I had them were mid to upper 40s. It also had to be a carp from a water that I wanted to fish – there have been some easier opportunities, but I’ve resisted as I don’t like to fish for large stocked fish, or on lakes which don’t give me a buzz. I like natural, low-stock waters where you have to work things out and stay vigilant in order to be successful, which is why it means so much to me catching Roids from this lake.

“I started on this lake in mid-April and things didn’t really go to plan and it was a steep learning curve – but loved being able to use boats as it opened up a new dimension for me and allowed me to learn what was going on far more quickly.

“At the back end of May I really started to fit the pieces together and caught a new PB common, which was one of the three fish I joined the lake to try and catch. But that same session I found one of the other fish dead, and that left me with just Roids to target.

“I left them alone for a few weeks to finish spawning and returned for the summer, and found that my catch rate was much better than it had been. That could have been down to the time of year or fact that I’d learnt a lot about the lake, but was also possibly due to a bait change. I’ve used Mainline Baits for a while now, and they send me one of their new prototype baits to try, which was really interesting, and I was mixing this in with my old faithful Cell boilies.

“I was averaging more than a bite per night, but was keeping things quiet as the lake was fairly quiet, which increased my chances of getting the one I wanted. Then along it came - I was playing a fish from the boat and could see that it was a big one and thought that it might be her, but it wasn’t until it was in the net and I saw the big shoulders that I knew for sure.

“I was completely blown away to catch her, especially as she was my first fifty, and the full story will be in my diary piece in Carpology,” added Ed, who landed Roids on a long-running naked chod rig fished over deep silt and light weed, and constructed from a size 6 Kaptor Choddy hook to 25lb Mouthtrap and a 4oz distance lead on a Heli-Safe System.