Ed banks his second fifty in as many months!

Ed Betteridge spent years trying to catch a carp over 50lb, and now he has managed to bag two in as many months!

He started his roll with Roids at 50lb 12oz from a boating lake, before moving onto the St Ives Shallow Lagoon, where he managed to bank 11 carp in 17 nights, culminating in the big ‘un, Colin, at 50lb 10oz!

Ed explained: “This fish had been on my radar for a while and I first walked around the lake in 2011 when Colin was a mid-40, but it didn’t fit in with my plans then and has been at the back of my mind ever since.

“I’d fished a few nights on there whilst the fish were spawning at the boating lake, before returning there and catching Roids. After having that one I decided to return, and found that it was a lot quieter than it had been in the spring, and I decided to try and keep it that way by keeping my catches to myself.

“I was managing to catch consistently, as well as keeping some bait going in, but on my most recent session I arrived to find that the swim I’d been catching from was occupied. Once all the weekend anglers had left I headed for a swim which controlled a lot of the lake.

“I baited my areas with Mainline Cell activated hemp and about three kilos of boilies, with a mixture of a new prototype bait plus 14mm and 18mm Cell. Based on how I thought they were feeding, I opted for a 12 inch multi rig, tied using a size 4 Kaptor Wide Gape hook to 20lb green N-Trap Soft, and this was baited with a home-made 16mm Cell wafter hookbait. I was also using a Dark Matter leader with a Lead Clip and a 4oz square pear lead.

“I’d banked two twenties from the open water, but then when I hooked one on the rod fished to the lily pads I knew that it was a much more powerful fish. I was fishing with my clutch tight enough that it would only yield any line just before the whole set-up was dragged in, and I was awoken by a couple of bleeps and then a couple of yards of line were taken just before I grabbed the rod.

“It was well in the pads and I could the line grating, but the fish was still there kicking as it tried to surge even deeper into them, and I knew that I had to keep it moving, so I clamped down on the spool and walked back. It was a very nervy moment, but then it began to move and I could feel the 20lb SUBbraid cutting through the stems – I honestly believe that most mono or fluorocarbon main lines would have parted at that point.

“Once I got the fish away from the pads I eased off and it went on a few more good runs before I was able to slip the net under her. I knew that she was big, and when I looked in the net I could see that it was Colin, but it was only when I lifted the net that I could feel the full weight.

“On the scales I thought that I had equalled my PB, but they settled at 50lb 10oz, and I couldn’t believe that I’d just caught my second fifty in as many months!”