Dreaming of a white Christmas!

Brett White got an amazing Christmas present when he decided to venture out onto the River Ebro on Xmas Day and was rewarded with his first ever 50lb-plus carp from the venue!

Finding himself with three days spare over the festive period, and never having fished before on Christmas Day itself, he decided to venture out on his boat with his friend, angling guide Edd Brett, and despite the unfavourable conditions they enjoyed some great sport.

Brett revealed: “We were both free to fish on Xmas Day, and the added bonus was that Edd would be cooking dinner as well later!

“I’ve been fishing the Ebro for quite a few years now and have got to learn and accept its moods and difficulties – we would be fishing from a boat in temperatures below zero and with freezing fog forecast, so it isn’t for the faint-hearted. But I love the sense of adventure it gives, set amongst the mountains and with wild, uncaught carp on offer.

“We had three days to fish – culminating in our Xmas session. I knew that it was going to be a hard task getting a bite in this weather, and there hadn’t been any bites the previous week, but as we pulled out onto the river in the half light for our first day, there was nowhere that I would rather be.

“We anchored up on one of my favourite spots, which allowed us to cast 40 yards to a drop-off which levelled out in 9m of water, and with the nearest bank being 600 yards away, it was like being on our own bit of inland sea.

“The carp here have soft mouths so I prefer a thicker gauge wire on my hooks, so I was using size 4 Wide Gape XXs to 20lb N-Trap Semi-Stiff hooklinks and Safe Zone leaders with Heli-Safe Beads and 15lb Touchdown main line. Our hookbaits were Urban Baits Strawberry Nutcracker fished snowman style.

“The freezing mist hung over us all day with not a sign of any fish, so as darkness approached we upped anchor and baited up for the next day, Christmas Eve. We made the journey back out to the spot and conditions were the same – minus 2 and with freezing fog – and there were no signs of any fish during the morning.

“Then at 1.30pm my lunchtime nap was interrupted by a screaming Baitrunner and the fish stripped 50 yards of line as soon as I made contact with it. After a long, arduous battle, the fish was finally at the boat and Edd netted a very long, mint common of 42lb 8oz.

“We were buzzing to have had a bite, especially having seen no signs of any fish, and the rest of the day was spent in anticipation of more action but as the light started to fade it was apparent that it wasn’t to be, so we headed back to shore for Edd’s promised Xmas dinner – the Spanish always have it the night before.

“The next day we had decided to have a bit of a lie-in and start fishing at 11am, and then fish on into dark as I was heading back to England the next day. We must have looked nuts to anyone else – two blokes sitting on a tiny boat in sub zero temperatures!

“The river looked devoid of life, but again at 1.30pm my right-hand rod hooped over as the Baitrunner clicked away. Initially this fish wasn’t in any rush, but as soon as I set the hook it headed for Barcelona!

“At first I thought I’d hooked a catfish as I was being flat-rodded, but after ten minutes I managed to get some control and started to get some line back on the reel. Even once I got it to the boat it must have taken a good 15 minutes, as every time I got it up near the net, off it went again, and with visibility of 6ft I could see that it was a big common, and I was willing it to stay on.

“The hook stayed in and it finally rolled into the net – not only had I caught an Xmas carp, but it was also my first ever fifty from the river at 50lb 4oz!

“I sat there with a big cheesy grin for the rest of the day, hoping that Edd would get one as well, but just before dark I had another of 33lb and then lost one. It was well into darkness when Edd finally had a bite and had to play it amongst rafts of weed that had started coming down the river, but eventually he landed a cracking common of 23lb – also his first Xmas carp. We decided to call it a day as there was weed everywhere, and the pub was calling.”

Brett White got an amazing Christmas present when he decided to venture out onto the River Ebro on Xmas Day and was rewarded with his first ever 50lb-plus carp from the venue!