Dream Ticket

If you’re on the lookout for a new place to fish in Essex, then we might just have the answer. We’ve been tipped off about a couple of Essex waters (close to both Colchester and Chelmsford) with membership available right now. Essex Carp Syndicates run fishing at The Rise and The Mill (which consists of two lakes) and both venues are home to lovely, growing carp.
The Rise is a mature, 10-acre site with features that include gravel bars, lily pads and reeds and depths that plummet to 20ft. The lake is stocked with 220 quality carp, all of which are doubles. Around 140 of the carp present are 20lb plus and there are around 50 over the 25lb mark. Thirty of these are over the magic 30lb mark. Unbelievably, seven fish are now over 35lb up to a top weight of 39lb 4oz. You could easily end up being the captor of the first forty that The Rise produces.
The Mill syndicate is eight acres in size and is heavily featured, just like the Rise. There are more than 200 fish present in the Mill 8 at the moment and they range between 9lb and 29lb 8oz. The fish present are of an old English strain (Horseshoe/Orchid strain) and all are very, very scaly and beautiful as you can see from the pictures.
If it’s day-ticket fishing that you’re after, then the Mill 3 might well be what you’re looking for. Mill 3 is the smaller of the two lakes that make up the Mill site. It is three acres in size and is very mature, with plenty of overhanging willow trees, bushes and with lilies all around its margins. This lake is run on a ring and reserve basis only, and the whole lake can be booked out from 24 hours right up to seven days. The Mill 3 contains carp to 27lb plus, tench to 10lb, bream to 11lb, pike to 27lb, along with the usual silver species.

If any of these lakes take your fancy, then pop over to www.EssexCarpSyndicates.co.uk for more information. You never know, we might bump into you over there soon?