DREAM JOB ALERT! Korda Koaching

Korda Koaching….
Full time angling coach position

Danny Fairbrass explains….

The success of Korda has made me feel a deep responsibility to support and grow the sport of angling, this is why I started the Embryo project and it's the main focus behind this new coaching position.

I want to provide free coaching to innumerable anglers up and done the country so they get the very best from the tackle they already have and at the same time learn new techniques to land more and more fish.

So, Korda needs a super passionate angler who wants to pass on his or her knowledge to as many people as possible, for their entire career.

We expect they will spend two working weeks each month on various UK day ticket waters stopping at any angler who wants help with, casting, rigs, bait, fish care etc etc etc. The Koach could of course fish the waters they patrol each night after work or relocate to one locally they are targeting. So, they should expect to be away from home four nights each week, unless they happen to reside very close to the waters we select for free coaching.

Then they would spend at least one week per month at a popular French holiday venue doing exactly the same coaching but only for the anglers on that complex for most of the week. They will of course be able to fish the same venue or a local one outside of the normal 8.30am-5pm working hours.

The final week of the month would be taken up with reporting back to Korda HQ on your achievements. As well as tackle shop open days and coaching events at clubs or syndicates that book your services in advance.

So, it's a massively varied role but a massively challenging one as well and would suit a person with lots of energy and self motivation who can be away from home 12-20 nights every month.

Because footfall on day ticket venues is greater at weekends the working week would run from Tuesday to Saturday. We are completely flexible on your working month, providing you work 20 days from 28 we are happy for this to be a combination of shifts providing they include 4 weekend days in every 20 worked.

A open and honest persona is essential, plus a high level of written and spoken English as well as an organised methodical approach to your duties. You do not require coaching qualifications, we will send you on the correct courses to ensure you meet the legal requirements for professional angling coaching. But, if you have any coaching experience professional or otherwise that would obviously help your chances of success.

Salary will be dependant upon age and experience but only seasoned carp anglers of more than 10 years experience at the very top level of carp angling should apply.

Company Van, Ipad, telephone and all the necessary angling kit and clothing will be supplied, a full, clean driving licence is essential. It would be expected that companies we work closely with like Daiwa, Delkim and Mainline would be represented as well and over time you would be expected to present in from of the camera for Masterclass and other web based films.

So, if passionately sharing your knowledge, and putting something back into angling is your calling in life we want to hear from you.

Send a concise, professional CV, two of your favourite catch pics and no more than 50 words explaining why you are right for this position to, koaching@korda.co.uk. Applications close at midnight Sunday 22nd April.