DOVEY returns in latest Thinking Tackle

Tom Dove is renowned for catching some of the largest and most sought after carp in the UK, and in the first episode of this new series of Thinking Tackle On Demand, he pays a visit to a very tricky syndicate water in the Lea Valley, which he has only recently joined. Carthagena Lake is the perfect venue to kick off season five of Thinking Tackle, as not only is it home to some magnificent carp, including a common that tops 50lb and some very big mirrors, but the fish are also renowned for their looks.

As you can imagine, with a stock of this quality, it is also a very heavily pressured water and often busy with other anglers.

This will mean that Tom will have to use all of the skills and tricks that he has learned over the years from fishing at other venues, as well as his watercraft if he is to have a chance of succeeding in catching anything during the three sessions that he has available for filming.

Tom kisses a stunner before slipping her back.

Tom shares a beer with Carthagena member Jay Willis

Not only does he show you exactly how he goes about approaching a water like this, finding the carp and then catching them, but he also goes into detail about the thought processes behind those decisions, so that you can learn from him, as opposed to just copying what he is doing without understanding why.

He covers all aspects of his fishing, including the rigs that he uses and why he has so much confidence in them; plus the type of spots that he is looking for and how he will position his rigs on them; as well as the type of bait that he favours and how he applies it to get the best from it, or even completely changes it if he isn’t catching and feels that he should be.

Not only is this episode a great chance to learn from someone who is a master at what they do, but you will also get to see him putting what he preaches into practice, and the end result when he manages to land some of these stunning carp.

Thinking Tackle OD | S5 E1
Tom Dove | The Great British Syndicate
Available from: Sunday 24th April - 5:00PM
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