Dovetail Fishing Simulator

We're delighted to announce that we'll be working with gaming experts Dovetail Games on the development of their upcoming fishing simulation Dovetail Games Fishing. Acting as their angling gurus, we’ll be adding our extensive angling knowledge to this digital world to help them mirror the aspects of fishing that we all enjoy.

We, as a company want to promote angling, in as many guises possible. Although we we see nothing ever topping the real thing, we want to allow newcomers as well as experienced anglers the opportunity to get their angling fix when they can't get to the bank.  
The partnership will mean that gamers will be able to pick up and use their favourite Korda tackle in this digital angling world. We'll also provide consulting services during the production of the game, giving input on the content and playability, as well as providing access to specific locations, voiceover talent and other partners to enhance the authenticity of the in-game experience. 

“We are delighted to be working with Dovetail Games to help them create the most detailed, authentic and realistic fishing simulator ever made,” said Danny Fairbrass. “There’s a great team at Dovetail Games, using amazing technology to bring to life the experience of carp fishing properly in a video game for the first time. We’re really excited to be able to feature our kit in Dovetail Games Fishing and look forward to seeing both carp fishing fans and gamers using our equipment in the virtual fishing world.”

“As well as providing an opportunity for fishing fans to practice fishing when it’s not possible outdoors, one of our aims is to encourage more people to get into real fishing through playing our game,” said Paul Jackson, CEO of Dovetail Games.  “So working with a partner like Korda, who mirror our aims with their own Carp Academy programme which is helping to bring more young people into fishing and create the fishing stars of the future, feels like a perfect match.”

The game will enable players to visit the virtual tackle shop and kit themselves out with all of the latest equipment to really bring the fishing experience to life. Players will then be able to choose their preferred swim and tackle up at the waters edge to prepare their gear for those wily carp. Using an intuitive new casting and reeling mechanism termed ‘Total Cast Control’, players can then test their skills by finding, baiting, catching and landing the fish.

Initially specialising in fishing for carp, Dovetail Games Fishing will quickly expand to include a multitude of popular fishing types, including bass and fly-fishing, across a variety of locations around the world.

Dovetail Games Fishing is currently due for release in late 2014, and is initially being developed for PC with more formats to follow.