Dovetail fishing games visits UK’s most loved venue

The digital fishing world has now been expanded to include the UK’s most loved carp-fishing Mecca, St Johns. The progress and development of this new carp fishing simulator continues to astound us all at Korda towers and the introduction of a carbon copy of Linear’s flagship venue really has opened this game up to carp anglers across the county.

The game, still in it’s development stage, is available as an early access development download. Gamers can purchase and play the game in its unfinished format at a discounted rate, providing feedback that can then be implemented into the game before general release.

Some of the key aspects that are included in phase-six of the game include:

Netting: Players are now required to use a landing net to land fish – they will not automatically become caught when they’re close to the bank. When a battle with a fish is coming to an end the fish will exhibit submissive behaviour.

Freedom Fishing, Synchronized Multiplayer: Host, join or invite your friends to a private fishing session over the Internet.

Female Angler: Players can now choose between male and female avatars.

Linear Complex: St John’s Lake is now playable in game. Note: St John’s is still a work in progress and is only in around a 70% state of completion.

Target Fish: Players can now target and catch named fish. The introduction of St John’s means that some of the UK’s most sought-after day-ticket carp have been digitally mastered for the game!

The introduction of the Big Plated, the Box Common and other Linear gems has certainly affected company output, with staff members pitting their wits against these new angling challenges in the attempt to mirror (to some degree) Dan’s success in underwater 7 & 8!

The game is available on PC with talks of an early 2016 launch on the Xbox, something we’re very much looking forward to. The game is due for full release later this summer.