Don't miss the first episode of Monster Carp Season Four!

The new season of Monster Carp kicks off with a 90 minute special, featuring Ali, Neil and Tom hauling large numbers of huge fish in Croatia.

The fishing gets underway at Tribalj Lake, right by the coast, and like most waters in Croatia there is certainly no shortage of fish, including some very good sized ones, and once they’ve built their swims up over a couple of days, the action really starts to become frantic. Soon though it is time to pack up head back to Zagreb, where they will be fishing on the famous Ontario Lake, which is renowned for producing large numbers of big fish during the carp matches held there.

But before they start, they have a match of their own to compete in and find themselves at a commercial lake targeting smaller species and where total weight of fish is what counts, and whoever comes out on top will have the first choice of swim for the main event, so it is all to play for as the outcome could effect the rest of their trip.

Once they are installed in their chosen pegs on Ontario, it quickly starts to become apparent just how many huge fish live in this venue, with 40s and even 50s not exactly being uncommon, and none of them have ever experienced action quite like this from such large fish.

In amongst all of these fish, they also bump into some of the biggest Ontario residents, and one of them lands a common that is highly sought after by the anglers who fish this venue, making a perfect end to what has been their most prolific ever filming trip.

Make sure you don’t miss the first episode of the new series, which first airs on ITV4 on July 11, at 8pm, and if you aren’t going to be at home, ensure you’ve set your box to record.