Don't miss the finale of the second series of Monster Carp!

In the finale of the second series of Monster Carp, the lads come face-to-face with some very toothy predators as they journey to the southern hemisphere to try and catch some carp in South Africa.

The country is famed for producing not only some large carp, but also some really stunning looking ones as well amongst them, and Ali, Tom and Neil can’t wait to do battle with their first of the species from this part of the world.

But before getting the rods out they have a bit of time to sample some of the local activities on offer, including a safari where they bump into some rather large cats!

To kick things off, the have their usual competition to see who will get the first choice of swim at the main lake, Doorndraai Dam, and this involves travelling to a smaller lake, not far from Kruger National Park, to try their hand at catching carp and catfish on the tackle that the local anglers like to use.

With choice of swims settled, it is time to get set-up for the main event, and the lads are hoping to connect with some of the larger residents that inhabit this nature reserve – with giraffe and other animals roaming around the banks – and they soon find that the fishing is very difficult to what they are used to at home. All of them have fished using boats to drop baits in the past, but they haven’t experienced anything quite like this and the sort of range that the locals fish at!

They also discover that some of the locals eat some rather unusual food, which wasn’t quite what they had in mind for a tasty breakfast, but having been told that eating it will bring them carp action, they just have to try it!

The fishing doesn’t go exactly to plan and there are a few hurdles to overcome along the way as they go in pursuit of a monster, and the weather isn’t quite what they were expecting at that time of the year, with torrential downpours and flooding in some parts of the country.

As if the fishing alone wasn’t exciting enough, the team then hop on a plane and fly to Mossel Bay, near Cape Town, where they find themselves being used as ‘bait’ as they get up close and personal with one of the planets largest predators, the great white shark!

This is one of the most-action-packed episodes of the hit TV series so far, and gives a unique insight into the fishing that South Africa has to offer, as well as all of the other activities that go alongside that to make it one of the most interesting locations that they have filmed in so far.

The series finale premieres at 8pm on ITV4 on Tuesday, July 25, so make sure that you are tuned in then, or have set it to record.