Don't miss the action-packed finale of The Big Fish Off!

With Series 4 of The Big Fish Off delicately poised, Ali Hamidi is going into the finale hoping for revenge on co-host Dean Macey, after the white-wash last year!

This week they head off to Florida, where they are joined by former England international Wayne Bridge, and rugby World Cup winner Kyran Bracken, and go afloat after some monsters off of the coast of Key West.

Both Wayne and Kyran are novices when it comes to fishing, although both have at least tried it and the past, and nothing can prepare them for what they are about to experience as they head out into the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic, where some huge fish live!

To get them into the swing of things, proceedings kick off with a species hunt, as the coast around this area is also known for being home to all sorts of weird and wonderful fish, and catching some smaller specimens will get them both used to handling a rod and reel again. Ali is teamed up with Wayne and Dean is paired with Kyran, and each team has its own boat and skipper.

Now that both teams have got a feel for it, they begin to step things up, and the next day they put on some bigger baits and go after hard-fighting yellow tails, plus anything else that is attracted by the chum trail coming off of the back of the boat! This challenge is all about the total length of fish caught by each team, and although it coincides with Dean’s birthday, Ali and Wayne certainly aren’t intending to take it easy on him, as the competition starts to heat up.

A 'baby' Goliath grouper for Ali and Wayne

Dean and Kyran go afloat in pursuit of monsters

With the first two challenges out of the way, all eyes are on the deciding ‘super challenge’ and the two celebrity guests will need to bring all of their wits and stamina with them as they go after two of the largest species which can be found in this part of the world.

Although not high on the target list of sporting fish for many of the anglers who visit the Keys each year, many different shark species can be found here, and some such as bull sharks and lemon sharks grow to huge sizes.

It is also one of the best places in the world to catch a goliath grouper, which literally can potentially grow to a similar size as a small car!

The winners will be decided over three days and will be the team which catches heaviest combined weight of fish, with only the largest grouper and biggest shark counting for each team.

These huge specimens certainly don’t give up easily once hooked, and soon both Wayne and Kyran discover that fishing might not be quite as relaxing as they initially thought that it would be, with some of these drawn-out, energy-sapping battles lasting well over an hour!

The last episode in the series is packed full of action and entertainment, so make sure that you don’t miss it when it premieres on ITV4, at 8pm, on Thursday, April 19. Or, you can watch it via Catch Up on the ITV Hub.