Don't miss out on the chance of joining Embryo's South Ings!

The fish in Embryo’s South Ings Lane are starting to wake up with some great catches falling to the syndicate members.

The two lake complex, at North Cave, near Hull, has undergone a lot of work since Embryo took it on – with two of the lakes having been joined to form one pit of around 10 acres, plus the 3.5 acre Pit 3, and a lot of money has been spent on stocking some stunning looking fish for the future to complement the existing stock.

Many of the fish that have been stocked are heavily scaled VS Fisheries carp, or their Harrow strain fish, and these are already starting to pile on the weight. Plus some of the larger, stunning commons topping the 20lb mark have also been putting in an appearance.

This was the first water on Embryo Angling’s books and all the changes that were made – including the installation of otter fencing – are already starting to make a big difference and the venue has a great future, and there is still the chance to be a part of that.

Weekend tickets for the syndicate have now all sold out, but there are still a handful of mid-week ones available. We don’t anticipate these staying available for long, especially now that some good catches are starting to be made as the weather improves.

If you’re interested in getting on this venue whilst there is still a chance to, then for full details on ticket prices and availability, contact: tim@embryoangling.org