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Want to know how Darrell Peck mastered long-range angling to bank his first UK fifty?

Or how Jim Wilson landed a huge linear of over 50lb?

Or perhaps you’re more interested in Ali Hamidi’s special baiting tactics that he developed after watching the fish on the Underwater shoot?

What about learning to make Elliott Gray’s special spring hook baits?

It’s all inside our new issue of Thinking Tackle Digital, and it’s all completely FREE to view.
Once you download the magazine for your tablet or iPhone, or check it out online this lunchtime, you’ll find Damian Clarke live in session (which is a rare treat these days!) and the captures that made James Armstrong the angler that he is today. Tackle tarts among you will also love the Tried and Tested section, where we take a hard look at the kit that Team Korda has been using over the last couple of months (or significantly longer in many cases).
Adding to the viewing experience, we’ve embedded several exclusive films to the magazine, which you can watch online now, or download as part of the magazine and browse them offline on your iPad, Samsung Tablet, Kindle or iPhone when you’re fishing! All you need to do to unlock all of this fabulous content is paste this link into your browser…