Don't miss episode two of The Big Fish Off!

The new series of The Big Fish Off got off to a great start last week, and episode two is going to be even more exciting and action-packed as two former Premiership footballers go head-to-head.

Ali Hamidi scored a victory in the first episode when he teamed up with boxer Tony Bellew to beat fellow presenter Dean Macey and his partner Dave Coldwell. This week he will try to repeat that when he is joined by his old mate Jamie O’Hara, who he has carp fished with in the past.

But they will have to be at the top of their game if they are going to score another win, as Dean is teamed up with Jimmy Bullard, who has match fished at a high level, and the Anglers Paradise complex, in Devon, is bound to suit his style of fishing!

The famous fishery is renowned for the brightly coloured variations of different species that have been selectively bred by its eccentric owner Zyg Gregorek, and the competition gets underway with the two teams targeting golden and blue varieties of tench and orfe. Weather conditions are atrocious, but they are hoping that a few fish will brighten up their day!

Jamie and Jimmy have played against each other in the past and are both highly competitive, so there is plenty of banter flying around as they try to wind each other up and put the other team off of its game!

For challenge two, they are off to one of the more prolific lakes on the complex and it is all about catching different species, but with a twist. The ‘Wheel of Fish-tune’ will decide exactly which type of fish each team will have to catch, and they can’t move onto the next one until they are successful, which makes for plenty of excitement, as well as a fair bit of frustration!

The deciding ‘super challenge’, worth double points, will all come down to their skill across a variety of different methods, as the aim of the game is to catch koi carp, on the Koi Lake, using surface, float fishing and legering tactics - and they will have to master all three if they are going to score a victory.

Jimmy has a reputation for being a bit of a nutter and Jamie certainly gives as good as he gets, so the sparks are bound to fly as both teams push hard for the win.

Make sure you don’t miss it when it premieres on Thursday, April 5, at 8pm on ITV4. The episode is then repeated on Saturday, April 7, at 10.30am; and again, on Sunday, April 8, at 6.55pm.