Details on the new XX hook range

Following the unprecedented success of the Wide Gape and Kurv X patterns, which have accounted for many of the biggest fish in the country since their launch, Korda have listened to the customer’s feedback and developed an even stronger hook – the XX range.

Designed for the most demanding of situations, the XX hooks are two wire gauges heavier than the X models, offering unsurpassed strength and durability for big fish anglers.

The Kurv Shank XX copies the original Kurv pattern that’s become a firm favourite of many anglers, particularly when used on a KD rig or similar simple presentation which allows the curved shank to turn the hook and ultra-sharp straight point to do the rest.

The Kurv Shank XX also features a 28-degree down-turned eye to help turn the hook and convert pick-ups into takes, a micro barb and durable PTFE coating that aids camouflage and keeps the point surgically sharp for long periods.

The Wide Gape pattern needs little introduction, having been a firm favourite amongst many anglers across the UK and Europe since its launch with its classic shape and reliable construction. The likes of Darrell Peck, Elliott Gray and Danny Fairbrass are big fans of the patterns and its accounted for huge carp at tricky venues across the UK and Europe.

With the launch of the XX model, this ultra-reliable, beaked-point pattern can now be used for targeting the biggest carp in the world with confidence that it won’t let you down, no matter how much pressure is put on the terminal tackle.

Ideal for blowback rigs, simple knotless knot presentations and multi rigs, the Wide Gape XX is also two gauges heavier than the X model and is sure to be firm favourite with anglers tackling seriously big carp in snaggy environments.

Both patterns are available in sizes 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 and have an RRP of £3.99 – they’ll be in shops later this month.