Deep Pit Hauling - Jim Wilson

I arrived at my syndicate water full of confidence after the last couple of trips, and was keen to get there as early as possible to have a good look around and see what was what. I arrived around 04:30am in the morning, just before first light and took advantage of the situation, grabbing the brew kit and chair and heading to one of the swims that give a view of most of the lake. After a couple of cuppas and an hour or so of watching, I had an idea of where I needed to be so went back to the motor, grabbed the rods and rucksack and just the bits for the day.

I was soon in position and had three rods out, all on pop-up rigs, two on Milky Toffee hook baits and the other an orange fruity mix. I put a couple of kilos of Hybrid out around each rod, one of the margin rods also getting a heavy hit of hemp and pellets. I would say I was settled with the rods out for about 7am that morning.

The first bite came far quicker than I expected, especially having baited relatively heavily. At just gone 8 o’clock I was bent into my first fish of the trip and the result was a belting 28lb common, which really got the confidence going. A couple of hours later I was away on the rod that had been baited heavily, which caught me by surprise. The result been a sensational scaly mirror of just over 21lb.
I decided to add a couple of hundred Hybrid boilies to each area with the throwing stick just to freshen up the spots after having two in fairly quick succession and it seemed to pay off, as around 15:30 that afternoon I had another take, resulting in a clonking common of 34lb 8oz. I was getting quite confident now, and thought I was in for a proper hit of fish. They soon told me who was boss though, and seemed to drift away from the area. Around midnight I suffered the pain of a hook pull, which really hurt.

I sorted the rod out and got it back on the spot, and went to bed in a huff really... the following day Rich Stewart was joining me to get some images and video footage sorted, and it was quiet on the buzzer front. Around midday I really felt I should of had another chance and said the same to Rich, so re-did two of the rods and topped the spots up with another hit of Hybrid. Well, in mid-afternoon one of the recast rods pulled up tight and resulted in a stunning 31lb mirror.
I really hope my luck holds, and hopefully I’ll have more to tell you about soon.

Be Lucky,