Dean Macey lands a huge French mirror!

A three year quest at an incredibly snaggy lake in France finally ended when Fishing Allstars presenter Dean Macey landed his target fish – a huge mirror known as the Troll!

The fish was down in weight at 64lb 8oz – it often tops the 70lb mark – but Dean wasn’t too upset having achieved his goal, as well as landing a number of other cracking carp during the same session!

He revealed: “Three years ago I was introduced to a very special venue in France, which isn’t known to many and is about as far from a commercial water as you can get. It is full of weed, fallen trees, old broken pontoons, and snags litter the whole lake – but it is an anglers dream!

“The carp reflect the character of the lake in appearance and history, an although there are a few other big fish, really you’re fishing a pretty low stocked venue for one huge resident which topped 70lb the last time it was caught around 18 months ago.

“My first trip in 2015 produced some amazing fish to just under 50lb, and in 2016 I managed carp to over 50lb, but like everyone else who visits the place, that monster known as the Troll was top of my hit list!

“The fish had last been seen back in May and it had been in the area where I would be fishing, so as we drove through the rickety gates I couldn’t wait to unload the gear and jump in the boat for a mooch around with my ‘donking’ rod and prodding stick. It’s all well and good finding spots that you can get bites from, but you also need to be able to land them, so it is imperative to check that the surrounding area between you and your rig is also clear enough to give you a chance of landing anything hooked.

“I baited my areas with a mixture of four different types of Mainline boilies, plus mixed particle and Hinders Elips pellets, and I was fishing a tiger nut tipped with tipped with Fruity Squid Fake Food, so that I could happily leave the rods out for 48 hours. Heavy gear was needed, and I was using size 4 Wide Gape XX hooks to 50lb Kamo hook links, with a Hybrid lead clip, a 50lb Dura-Kord leader and 50lb Apex braided main line.

“The first couple of days went to plan, with all three of my spots producing fish and I landed a couple of 40lb-plus commons plus three mid-30 mirrors. During this time I’d kept on trickling some bait in on the spot where the big ‘un had last been seen, and on the third day when I lost a fish which I was convinced was a grassie, after it made loads of disturbance, I decided to try that rod on the pre-baited area instead.

“Just twenty or so minutes after dropping the rig, the rod buckled over and the Delkim sang, and right from the start it felt totally different to all of the other fish that I’d caught from the venue before, holding deep and go from one weedbed to the next.

“Every time I was about to jump in the boat it came free and started moving again, and then it popped up with a lump of weed on its head and I was able to lead it in. My mate Ray went in with the net and I was saying that it had to be the one, and then as it slipped over the net I let out a shout that I hoped the whole world would hear!

“On the scales it was well down in weight at 64lb 8oz, but I didn’t care as it was this particular fish that I had wanted and it is the only time I’ve ever targeted one specific carp.

“The rest of the trip continued to do the odd bite, including fish to 48lb 8oz, but I’m also convinced that I managed to lose one of the other known big ones, but at least it gives me something to go back for as I love fishing the place!”