Dean Fletcher's British record carp is the catch of 2016!

It has been another fantastic year for carp fishing with some fabulous fish caught during 2016, and it is getting to that time of year when many of the ‘Carp catch of the Year’ style competitions are reaching their conclusion.

There have been some great catches, but at Korda we believe that Dean Fletchers capture of the Parrot, which beat the long-standing British record for carp, is going to take some beating!

Dean, from Reading, Berkshire, was fishing his local Cranwells Lake on the Wasing Estate when he banked the huge mirror at a new high of 68lb 1oz, to beat the previous record by 9oz. The previous record had been held since 2008 by Oz Holness with Conningbrook’s famous Two Tone at 67lb 8oz, a fish which died a few years ago.

The fish was caught back in January and was accepted by the British Record Fish Committee at their meeting back in June, so has now been officially added to the record list.

Korda operations director Damian Clarke commented: “Dean Fletcher is one of those ‘under the radar’ anglers who just goes about his business quietly. Those that know him see the work and dedication that he puts into his fishing, and over the last few years he has dominated the lakes he’s concentrated on.

“He’d caught every big fish in Wasing, and for me his winter capture of the Parrot was truly well deserved and earnt the hard way, as anything worth having should be. I’m a traditionalist with perhaps old fashioned views on these things, I fish for very old ‘history' fish, some may have seen over 60 years of the sun rising and setting over the lake, like the one Mike Wilson is holding on the cover of the first Carp Fisher magazine. Carp with pedigree, and that in my opinion is what a British Record should be, a fish with history.

“Dean's capture marked the pinnacle of his angling career, the last piece of the puzzle that was hard won, and for that he deserves to be crowned ‘Angler of the Year’.”