Day-Ticket Hauling - Scott Lloyd

Many of you reading this will have heard of the Linch Hill complex in Oxfordshire. It’s a venue that has been in the public eye for a number of years and has been fished by some of the best anglers in the land. In recent weeks northern carper Scott Lloyd has been having some fantastic results and he explains how right here…
“Over the last few weeks, my brother and I have started a campaign on the Linch Hill complex, which has recently turned day ticket. Christchurch was our lake of choice, mainly because of the large stock of big carp it holds. I had already fished the lake when it was a syndicate and knew I would have an advantage over the new anglers fishing the lake because of this. I wanted to focus my attention on the end of the lake that received the southerly winds, as I knew this was the place to be at this time of year. Luckily, these swims were the furthest away from the car park, which can certainly help ensure that they’re free on a day-ticket water like this.
It’s unbelievable how cautious and riggy these Christchurch carp really are, they have literally seen everything. So, outwitting them can be really tricky but there a few little edges I use to help me with this. I used Kontour fluorocarbon straight through to keep the line pinned down and lumps of putty every foot or so up the line above the rig for about six feet. The rig is a super-sharp size-6 Wide Gape, fished blowback style with a perfectly balanced hook bait, in this case, a corked-out Sticky Baits Krill dumbbell. This rig is perfect for fishing alongside the crushed and chopped Krill freebies that I spomb onto the spots. I got off to a flying start, landing five fish, four of them being mirrors around the mid-twenty mark, topped by an awesome 35lb 4oz mirror.
On my next session the conditions were perfect, light winds and nice hot days were getting the fish charged up for night and early morning feeding. After finding a few fish I got the rods and bait out in the expectation of a take the next morning and how right I was. I had two fish within half an hour of each other on the same rod. Both were absolute stunning mirrors at 30lb 8oz and 30lb 2oz. The session continued to produce fish from the spot each morning and I even managed to catch a couple during the day off the surface on mixers soaked in Cap Oil. I ended up having seven fish in total, the other five being 23lb 5oz, 21lb 14oz, 21lb 6oz, 21lb 1oz and 19lb 14oz, all mirrors. What a session to remember and I’ll be back down there soon to hopefully continue the good run of fish!”

Well done Scott, we’ll look forward to seeing more of those big Christchurch carp in your arms!