Day-Ticket Forty

Scott Maslen has been in touch to tell us about a phenomenal run of fish that he’s taken from Swan Lake on the Bluebell Complex.

“I’ve been concentrating on the Walthamstow complex for the last five seasons or so. I’ve been lucky enough to catch most of the fish that I’d wanted out of the 2&3 reservoirs, although there are a couple of fish that I’d still like to catch. I felt it was time for a change and a chance conversation with Frank Warwick led to a social on Swan Lake on the Bluebell complex.

Scott banked his recent run of fish on popped-up corn fished on a hinged stiff rig.

He made the boom from N-Trap Semi Stiff, and used an overhand loop to attach it to a ring swivel.

“Obviously, I’d heard of Bluebell before, but thought that it was some kind of holiday venue. Anyway, our first session was over my birthday, and I fell in love with the place.

“I managed one on my first trip, a 31lb 8oz mirror on caster, sweetcorn and hemp. It was great to see one, because I’d seen some absolute units jumping out in the pond. To be honest, seeing those fish really fired me and the size of them became a huge pull. I really felt that I’d earned my stripes in a big-fish sense over the previous few years, and was ready to fish for something huge.

“I had blank session or two, but I was really learning the water, working out the watercraft. I began to really get in tune with Swan and got good info. The style of fishing that I was doing was so far removed from what I was doing at Walthamstow. I was now spot fishing, with three rods on the area at 80-100 yards.
“With TV work looming I wanted to fit in a longer session to really get my teeth into the fishing over there and the wife let me have four days on the bank. Well, four days turned into a week, and a week turned into 12 days as I became obsessed with the place! It really was an angler’s dream; I kept active and kept the spot rocking and the result was the session of a lifetime! The water was fishing pretty slow over the three weeks that I’d been there, and yet I was the only one catching at times!

“A lost big ‘un really stiffened my resolve to get among the bigger residents and I ended up with six thirties and a forty! One of the best spells of angling that I’d been fortunate enough to enjoy.

“All the fish came to a hinged stiff rig; a presentation that my mate Si Bater had told me was a great big-fish rig. He was certainly proven right. I made the boom section from N-Trap Semi Stiff, overhand looped to a size-11 ring swivel. Because I was using double popped-up IB corn, the weight of the swivel was enough to balance the rig, so I added a small blob of putty 2cm back from the loop on the boom section to allow the rig more movement.

Scott’s setup featured a Weed/Silt Kable leadcore leader, 15lb SUBline, a Hybrid lead clip and a 4.5oz Tournament lead.

Scott’s never been more dedicated to big-carp angling, the bug has bitten, “It’s official, I’ve got the disease, hardcore! My PB mirror is 39lb, so I guess I’d love a big mirror now. I ensure that I make the most of the time I’ve got, and I’m learning constantly; it’s fair to say that I’m thoroughly enjoying it!”