Day session result at Tri Lakes for Mark Betteridge!

Mark Betteridge had a very productive day at Tri Lakes when he landed a trio of carp, topped by a cracking 25lb common!

With the weather turning cold he decided that it would be a good time to have a social with his mate, Mike, and they headed for the day ticket venue, near Yateley, in Hampshire, in the hope of getting amongst some of the hard fighting fish that it holds.

Mark revealed: “We arrived early ready for the gates to open and soon found out we were the only anglers there!

“We decided to set up on the big lake to start with and bait a few swims, then drop in on them as the day progressed. It was clear after the first few hours that it wasn’t going to happen in the swim we’d started in.

“I found myself walking round looking for signs of fish, and after a short walk I found a group of about eight carp in a snag, but unfortunately there was no way that I could safely fish for them there, so I baited a spot in the margins nearby and planned to return later.

“I packed up my gear and moved on to the smaller lake for a few hours where we could fish over the bait we’d put out first thing, on our way round to the swims we started in. It wasn’t long before my rod was away and I was bent into a nice low double common, and soon followed that with an upper-double ghostie. Mike also got in on the action as well with a small common that ran him ragged, with his line getting caught under some old lilies before he eventually landed it!

“Then that swim went quiet so we decided to move on and I went back to the margin spot near the snag that I’d baited earlier, and when I arrived I noticed all the bait had gone and two fish were patrolling over the spot!

“I waited for them to move off and lowered my rig in, being very careful not to spook the fish, and then laid the rod on the ground and put a small handful of 10mm Mainline Cell boilies around the hookbait.

“Only five minutes passed before one of the fish appeared out of the snag and went tails up over my IB hookbait. I watched the fish shake its head and with that I looked down at my rod and realised I had hooked it!

“It was an epic battle, holding deep and I could see everything that was happening in the clear water and eventually I managed to slip my net under what seemed a good a sized common. As I arrived back on the small lake to retrieve Mike to do some photos he’d also caught a nice upper-double ghostie, so it was smiles all round.

“You can’t beat a winter day session, especially when you’ve got good company and are catching a few fish as well. I find the more active and visual I stay over the colder months, the more chances that I get!”

Mark’s fish all fell to helicopter rigs with a Heli-Safe System, and tied using Kurv hooks to N-Trap hook lengths.