Dave Levy lands one of the UK's biggest ever grass carp!

Dave Levy has been having an amazing season at RK Leisure’s Horton and had already banked a string of 40lb-plus carp, before his latest session produced one of the biggest grass carp ever caught in the UK!

Dave, who starred in Korda’s highly acclaimed ‘The Obsession’ film, has been having a great year on the famous Church Lake and had already notched up five 40s before his latest trip produced another of 41lb 8oz plus the 51lb 10oz grassie, which is believed to be the biggest one in the venue – although there are two of a similar size.

He revealed: “I was more chuffed to catch the grass carp than I was with the mirror as it was only the third one that had been out all year.

“When I first saw it taking floaters I didn’t realise that it was anywhere near that big and I managed to get them feeding in Dog Kennel Bay and then set up in a swim known as Springates, from where I could drift my bait around to them.

“It all went perfectly to plan and my controller drifted round in such a way that the hookbait ended up right in front of the grass carp and it took it. When I struck it didn’t even move at first and I don’t think it realised that it was hooked, and then it spent the whole fight trying to get into weed and didn’t really do a lot else.

“It was far bigger than I expected and I struggled to get it in my net and it was as long as my unhooking mat, which is four foot! I’m amazed that most of the anglers on there aren’t interested in catching them.

“I then caught the mirror the next morning, after finding some fish at the lodge end of the lake and dropping into a little corner where I was seeing them moving.

“But the next morning the area was dead and as I looked down the lake I saw a fish come out right in front of the swim that I’d fished and baited the previous night, so I quickly packed up and threw everything in the van and dashed round with just my rods.

“I put on a 2oz lead and swung it past the area and then let it come back towards me, so as to try and avoid spooking them, and I felt it touch down with a nice ‘donk’, which was perfect as the lake is very weedy.

“I’d put the rod down with just a buzzer at the front and had just turned around to make a cup of tea when it ripped off and was my fourth 40lb-plus mirror of the year from the venue.”

The big grassie was landed using a size 8 Mixa hook to 10lb Kruiser Control line and 25lb braided main line with an Interceptor controller float. His other fish fell to Hybrid boilies fished snowman style on a size 4 Wide Gape hook to 12 inches of N-Trap Soft, fished on a helicopter rig incorporating a Heli-Safe bead.