Dave Levy lands a new surface-caught PB!

Korda’s Dave Levy has been out testing the new range of Interceptor surface controllers – in shops later this summer – and managed to catch a very special fish for a new surface-caught PB…

Known as Scar, the 39lb 2oz fish is one of the oldest in the Top Lake – one of the waters belonging to Cleverley Fisheries, situated near Hatfield Peverel in Essex.

Popular carper Dave recounted: “I got there early morning and got the surface kit ready as it looked like the perfect day for a bit of floater fishing. After I fed off the seagulls I started to get the odd fish taking but they were quite shy.

“But I patiently waited until I had one fish cautiously taking one mixer at a time from a patch of bait, I cast and drew the hook bait back to the edge of the area and it took first time. I thought it was quite a small fish until I played it for a while and realised it was one of the better fish in the lake!

“The new Interceptors are brilliant – I was using a 15g one at about 50-60 yards range and they’re very aerodynamic, fly straight and they’re highly visible at range. They’re also very easy to set up and they don’t smash into the water and spook the fish due to their specially designed shape.

“My hook bait was a Cell pop-up trimmed down to look liked a mixer with a size 8 Mixa hook and 10lb Kruiser Kontrol all the way through. I also had a 20lb fully scaled which I’d caught before,” added Dave, whose six-month old puppy Nelly joined him for her 15th night on the bank.

The product development team have been busy working on the new range of surface controllers for some time and are now preparing for the imminent product launch later this summer.

Several size and weight variations will be available and the Interceptors have been designed to be nearly invisible against the surface and sky to feeding carp whilst remaining visible to the angler at range. They also offer excellent self-hooking properties when targeting cautious surface feeding carp.

The same lake also saw Korda’s Neil Spooner land the impressive Geezer’s at 47lb recently for a new PB, as featured on the cover of Carp-Talk and in an episode of Carp TV. Check out the video of Neil with the immense mirror in the video section of this website and make sure you watch the video on the right of this page to see the awesome Scar and hear Dave's story of the capture.

For more information on Cleverley Fisheries, which boasts several waters and fisheries around the Essex region on various different season, day and syndicate tickets, go to www.cleverleyfisheries.co.uk or email Cleverleyfisheries@hotmail.com

Mixa hooks - the perfect choice for surface fishing

Kruiser Control in 10lb - Dave's choice of main line and hook link for surface work