Dave Finn Takes Another Trip to the Mighty Rainbow

Me and my good friend Clive arrived at Rainbow Lake (Lac De Curton) midday and Kev Garrett welcomed us by giving the updates and advice on the past week’s events in my swim, 18. The lake has been fishing slow with only a few captures. It was late on Saturday evening and we set up in our swims. We were both pleased with our homes for the week however they were not the most sociable.

I decided to wait until morning to get the rods out but baited up some spots with the ever reliable Mainline New Grange boilies mixed with Mainline High Impact Spicy Crab and Salty Squid allowing the fish to mooch around and have a munch on the free bait without having to be on their guard for rigs and lines.

Morning rises and I'm out in the boat dropping three rigs. I opted to fish only three rods because sometimes more lines in the water can lower your chances of catching. The line of attack was going to be very simple in terms of rigs with the essence being using strong, reliable tackle that would not let me down. I opted to fish near identical rigs but with one small difference; hook pattern, a Size 2 Kontinetal and XX Wide Gape. The rigs would be set up blowback style with a 12inch hook link of 65lb Kamo onto a Hybrid Lead Clip and 10z Grippa lead.

The bites can be absolutely savage so the rod is locked down with the 80lb braided mainline not giving an inch of stretch. When fishing for some of the biggest carp in the world, you just cannot afford to take any chances by using weak tackle or not going in with the right approach therefore using the correct kit for the job is paramount.

Not long after getting the rods out, my middle rod hoops over on a locked down clutch and I'm soon holding aloft a pukka 55lb common. As I slip him back, another rod is away and soon I've got a 37lb 5oz mirror in the net. Madness, I've only had the rods out three hours and already I’ve accounted for two Rainbow Carp.

A fantastic start soon slows down after I go 30 hours without a fish meanwhile Clive banks five. I made a few slight adjustments and the stump rod signals a take and soon I'm back up and running with a lovely 45lb common. The temperature is just over 100f and there's no shade in my swim but as the heat continues to rise, the fishing is going mental resulting in fish weighing 37lb, 45lb, 54lb, 31lb, 38lb and 27lb.

The action was relentless and by the evening, I’m exhausted. I couldn’t get fluid in me quick enough but I had a mega day at rainbow in what is an iconic swim. Days like this don’t come along to often so you’ve got to take full advantage. Even getting to sleep is hard work with the painful sunburn, the fierce French mosquitos and the inferno bivvy but the exhaustion finally gets the better of me and I drift off to sleep for a few hours.

The following morning, the action continued where it left off and being slightly cooler, it made the day to day tasks involved when fishing a place like rainbow that much more bearable. I was able to take fish of 27lb, 41lb, 43lb & 48lb and more importantly they were all absolutely nailed!!

Despite having great success in terms of landing fish the day before, I decided to change the pattern of hook I was using coming away from my trusted Wide Gape pattern, to the Kontinental hook which I was fortunate that Damian Clarke from Korda had kindly given me to try out.

Friday turned out to be slightly slower but in the morning I managed a lovely 41lb common and it wasn't until the later part of the afternoon that my going rod burst into life. In a short space of time, I'd racked up fish of 30lb, 41lb and a 41lb.

Unfortunately, whilst doing self takes of the 41lber, my camera’s remote decided to break so I slipped it back gutted not to be having a picture with it. I was beside myself, how can I come to “The Big Fish” venue of Europe and not have a proper remote? Sadly, I had to make the decision that anything less than 45lb is going to have to be returned without a picture unless someone is passing. That evening brought some much needed rain and the odd rumble of thunder in the distance.

I decide to bait all the spots with a mixture of Mainline Boilies, Pellets and Ground bait. We reeled in just before and then headed into town for some supplies and a bite to eat. By early evening, I had all my rods back out. A familiar face in John Walker of Cygnet Products popped over for a catch up and not long after he left, the ever consistent stump rod was away again and I've soon got a 30lb mirror sulking in the bottom of my landing net. Nothing happens for the reminder of the night but at 10:30 the following morning, I'm in again and soon a 36lb common goes over the net cord. Next door, Clive calls to tell me he's had fish of 71,65 & 45 during the early hours.

The Sunday proves to be a really slow day for everyone but Monday brings some renewed hope and I'm just replying to friend when my golden bush rod hoops turning out to be a 56lb common. As luck would have it, Matt in swim 16 passed and took some pictures for me.

The next day starts early for me in the shape of a lovely 45lber and continues through the day with a string of good fish. As the day wears on, a change in weather is on the horizon and as we head into evening, the odd rumble of thunder can be heard in the distance. Just after midnight, one of the rods signals a bite and after a heavy sluggish fight, an absolute unit lays in the folds of my net. On the scales, it spins round to 67lb 8oz. I get back into bed and through the morning, another two more fish come my way. Just after midday, I receive another bite and again, the fight is slow and sluggish. As it goes over the net cord, I realise that it's another one of rainbows monsters and on the scales it goes 63lb. I call on the Walkie Talkie to see whether Matt or Mike in Swim 19 can help me with the pictures and soon Matt arrives and starts burning off some awesome shots.

The week continues in the same vein for both myself and Clive with action being hectic most days. I make up my last batch of ground bait on Thursday night and for the first time I add Squid Goo to help bind the mix up and the fishing goes mental, with Clive banking numerous fish typified by fish of 69 and 71 as well as numerous others, whilst I managed nine fish including two 60's within an hour of one another!

By the Saturday we are both shattered we’ve fished our absolute socks off and take full advantage of the superb fishing conditions in front of us.

The Rainbow fire has well and truly been lit; I've loads of good memories and made some good pals.

Au Revoir


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