Dave Finn enjoys an amazing session at Welly!

Dave Finn had a feeling that the fish at wellington Country Park would go on the feed following storm Aileen, and he was proven correct when he landed a four fish catch, including three forties!

His biggest of the session was a 47lb common known as the Two Tone Ghostie, and he also banked mirrors of 45lb, 43lb, and 37lb 8oz.

Dave revealed: “With a mega weather front coming in after storm Aileen I knew there was a window of opportunity for some excellent fishing weather, so I hurriedly booked some time off work.

“Arriving at the lake on Wednesday lunchtime, I was surprised to find that there were no other anglers present and my pal, Ed, had just had a hit out of a swim called the Boathouse. I’d be a fool to ignore this, plus his bites had come as late as midday that day, so they were clearly in the area.

“I quickly set about getting three rods out on different spots and was using a couple the new Korda bits – the soon-to-be-released Dark Matter Tungsten hook link plus the Kamakura hooks. I spread 1.5kg of 18mm Cell and Hybrid boilies over the three spots.

“The next morning I had my first bite of the trip and was soon slipping the net under a 37lb 8oz mirror. I put the rod back out along with two kilos of Mainline’s finest, and with the weather front now moving in, it came as no surprise when at 1pm the same rod was away again. It turned out to be one of Welly’s true characters, a common known as the Two Tone Ghostie and it weighed in at 47lb!

“As the wind and rain set in for the night I decided to get in the bag early and drifted off around 9.30pm. It felt like I’d been asleep for ages when I was awoken by one of my alarms and after a spirited fight in horrendous conditions, I was holding a 43lb mirror aloft for the cameras.

“It seemed like I’d only been back to sleep for five minutes when the other rod was screaming off, but it was actually 6.50am. The fight was hairy to say the least as it went on an 80 yard run, but they aren’t coming off with these Kamakura hooks, and I was soon holding another Welly brute, which turned out to be my last of the session at 45lb.”