Darrell Strikes Again - Darrell Peck

Big-fish man Darrell Peck has been among the big ’uns again, and you can get him to tell you all about it this Saturday at Brown’s Angling in Haddenham at the Kordatorial Roadshow. For those of you who aren’t lucky enough to be able to go, here’s a brief account of Darrell’s recent successes…
He targeted a large, southern gravel pit in search of the lake’s huge mirrors. Sure enough, during his three-night session, he managed to bag a few, with real whackers among them too. Darrell was confident in his swim choice, having fished it the previous week, landing mirrors of 32lb and 27lb and this session got off to a blinding start.
His logic was simple; he wanted to set up in a swim that gave access to the middle, something his chosen swim provided. Darrell is convinced that the fish live in the middle, but due to the size of the lake, the middle section is a very long way out. This means that many anglers struggle to reach the fish when they are held up out there. This makes it a safe zone because they receive very little pressure. Consequently, if the lake is busy, and you can get somewhere near this area, you’re in with a massive shout of outwitting one of its huge residents.
Darrell introduced 6kg of Mainline’s new Hybrid bait and presented 10mm Mainline Milky Toffee pop-up hook baits over the top. The rig of Darrell’s choice was a hinged-stiff rig. His rig featured a 20lb Weed Green N-Trap boom section and a pop-up section made from 20lb Mouthtrap and a size-8 Choddy hook. When fishing at extreme distance, tangles can often become an issue and this was the main reason for opting for this presentation. Darrell tooled up for range fishing with his fearsome 13ft 3.75lb Infinites, 20lb Whiplash reel line and 50lb Armakord leader, tied to lead clips holding 4oz Distance Casting leads.
On his first night he managed to land a mirror of 35lb, however, the session soon got even better. Shortly afterwards, he managed to land another chunky mirror and this time round it was even bigger. It was his first forty from the venue, dragging the needle round to 40lb 4oz. Both fish were taken from open water towards the middle of the lake at around 160 yards.
Darrell has only just started on the southern gravel pit and he’s already getting bites, so who knows what the final tally will be for Korda’s big-fish man. Whatever it is, we’re sure he’ll do it well and there is no doubt that he’ll bank some big ‘uns along the way.

Pop this address into your sat nav and get down to Brown’s this weekend to see the man himself!

Brown’s Angling Superstore
Thame Road
HP17 8BY
01844 290663