Darrell Peck starts the year in style!

January has been a kind month for Darrell Peck in the past! He’s banked huge fish from Rockford and Bundy’s Pit over the last few years, so it comes as no surprise that he’s done it again!

This time, his cold-water result came much closer to home, from Essex super-water, Bayeswater. Darrell has been concentrating closer to home this winter, after a punishing schedule of filming and fishing took him away for weeks at a time in 2015. He told us that fishing near home does have its advantages, “It’s been nice to fish one or two nights, and not have to worry about wasting the journey, and fuel, by going home early if conditions don’t look good.”

It’s been social fishing, as Darrell has hooked up with some old friends from his time on The Quarry; the Essex water he cut his teeth on. His recent spell of good form started with a session in a swim called The Island. He began fishing maggots and spombed some of the wrigglers over the top to take a 36lb mirror after dark. Action at the other end of the lake took Darrell’s attention though, when another angler banked six fish during his stay. A quick wander to the other end of the pit gave Darrell an idea of the zone that the fish were holding up in, and he hatched a plan to return the next week.

During a social session with mates, Darrell’s Fruity Squid Fake Corn and maggot hook baits were picked up three times between 7pm and 10pm. The first run resulted in a distinctive 33lb scaley mirror, and the second was to be an even bigger surprise. Darrell slipped the net under one of the lake’s biggest mirrors, The Carribean Queen at a huge 47lb! Unfortunately, his Delkims sounded again shortly afterward, but what felt like a big carp came adrift on the way in. You can’t win them all, but Darrell seems to win his fair share!

Darrell's successful setup included Kontour fluorocarbon main line, Dark Matter tubing, N-Trap Semi-Stiff and Choddy hooks.