Darrell Peck returns to the famous Lac d'Orient!

It would be completely understandable if Darrell Peck had never wanted to set eyes on Lac d’Orient again, having had his van burnt out behind his swim at the famous French venue!

But the fishing at the venue had inspired him and he couldn’t wait to return, this time knowing exactly what to expect and what kit he would need to fish the huge expanse of water effectively. Over the space of several sessions he managed to land some cracking fish, including several that topped the 50lb mark.

Speaking about his latest trips – both the fish he has caught and the changes to his tackle that he has had to make – Darrell revealed: “After last year’s adventure to the Orient went up in smoke - or more precisely my van had! – you’d be forgiven for thinking I was crazy to want to go back!

“Despite how that session ended, I’d been inspired by the style of boat fishing – learning new things and never really knowing what might pop up amongst the waves one night.

“Since that last trip I’d invested heavily in the equipment to make tackling such venues more practical – not least the purchase of a 4.2m Vortex inflatable bivvy boat.

“With monster sessions to lakes like this nothing can be left to chance and the preparation is absolutely key. Reels spooled, batteries packed, and everything checked and double-checked – and with all my new equipment packed I headed to France in September for three weeks.

“Despite all the new gear and preparation the weather conspired against us, but thankfully during the final week of the trip it took a turn for the better and things started to come together, resulting in some incredible looking fish including a couple of upper-40s each.

“Inevitably after tasting success I was keen on a quick return, and after a brief spell at home begging Mrs Peck, I’d managed to winkle two more week sessions. Both trips produced fish, with a few 40s and even a couple of 50s for good measure.”

Choosing the right tackle on these large waters is essential, especially considering some of them are full of tree stumps or you are having to boat rigs out at long range and worry about floating debris and weed.

Darrell revealed: “At such lakes of several thousand acres or more, inevitably everything that you tend to do is extreme, and you are regularly fishing at long range whilst always being conscious of the strength of your tackle.

“Because of this I’d spooled up with 15lb SUB braid, and if you’ve not used this product it is hard to describe just how good this product is! The diameter of 0.30mm means that you can get the amount of it on the reel that you need to fish at long range on waters like Orient.

“It sinks like a brick and is ridiculously tough – I’ve actually had it saw through branches as thick as my arm.

“I’m also very confident in the rigs I use and with this set-up they aren’t coming off in a month of Sundays. I fish a Hi-Impact Banoffee on a small ring on the shank of a size 2 or 4 Wide Gape XX, level with the barb, and a 20mm piece of shrink tube to form a line aligner.

“I use 50lb Sinking Arma-Kord for the hook link to 6ft of 70lb Kable XT Extreme leadcore, and Hybrid lead clips with 10oz Grippa leads.”